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“The Risen is rumoured to contain the encoded proof of reincarnation.” Entropy


“It belongs alongside Norman Mailer's 'Ancient Evenings' and William Burroughs' 'The Western Lands’.” Iain Sinclair.


Whitehead's 3-D 'Holographic Novel', a vivid quest into the mysteries of ancient mythology, occultism and female sexuality. A similar menage-a-trois to Nora And..., except this time…


The uptight doctor (a crystallographer), A troubled sculptress, and the incandescently beautiful actress are haunted by a vanished character, the psychic and hallucinatory pilgrim John (a spectralized version of Syd Barrett, to whom the book is dedicated).


In an old country house in Cornwall, the two women seduce the doctor physically (with a series of pornographic dance-rituals), while John's computer hypertexts of shamanic knowledge initiate him psychically.


As his scepticism peels away he realises way too late that to find John, he has to go all the way.



Published 1994.  Paperback 1997.



The Risen - A Holographic Novel

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