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THE FALL Screenplay & Dossier Release

The Fall - The Film:

"Considered by Whitehead to be his most important film, The Fall is an extraordinary piece of filmmaking, an extremely personal statement on violence, revolution and the turbulence within late sixties America. Filmed entirely in and around New York between October 1967 and June 1968, it features Robert Kennedy, The Bread and Puppet Theater, Paul Auster (fresh-faced as a Columbia student), Tom Hayden, Mark Rudd, Stokely Carmichael...

...Richard Roud, co-director of the New York Film Festival wrote of the film, “…an attempt to come to grips with today, both in terms of its content as well as of its form.” HARVARD FILM

The Screenplay & Dossier:

Post production shooting script with Dialogue Reference.

Edited by Peter Whitehead and Jenny Spires.

Featuring an Introductory essay by Jeremy Varon.

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